Covert Ops Staff

Curtis Slaugh


 Hey I’m Curtis Slaugh, I’m an outdoor extreme hunter and fisherman. I’m part owner in Tops Camo and Full Drawn Addiction  I have 4 kids and I live in the wonderful Rocky Mountains of Utah. My full time job is in the oil industry. My dream hunt is a leopard hunt in Africa! 

Jared Wheeler


 I live in Utah, I am 34 years old and married. I am a proud father of 3 future hunters(all boys). I mostly hunt mule deer, elk, and turkey. Although I plan on expanding onto many other game species in the future. I hunt because it gives me opportunity to spend time with my kids, teaching them about respecting the outdoors and the animals we hunt and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. I didn't get to grow up hunting. I didn't start hunting until I was in my 20's, so I want to give my kids the opportunity and passion for hunting and the outdoors while they are young.  I love the challenges of hunting and the ability that it gives us to be conservationists, and that it gives us the opportunity to feed our families.

Ricky Mamoran


I am a U.S. Army veteran, and a proud father and husband from Florida. I enjoy archery hunting for whitetail deer the most. I have a YouTube channel called TrueSouthLines. Give it a look!

Tj Stanfield


 I am 23 years old and I live and hunt in Kentucky. I have one kid that loves to be outdoors right along side with me. My favorite type of hunting is with a bow for whitetail deer. I have a group on Facebook called Northern Kentucky Outdoors. Check it out!

Jeremy Weaver


 My name is Jeremy Weaver, I am 23 years of age from Andalusia, AL. I am very passionate about the outdoors. My dad brought me up hunting and fishing since I was 4 years old. I love to hunt whitetail deer, and turkey hunt as well. During my off season, you can find me out on the lakes and rivers fishing bass tournaments. I am currently a member of 3 different Bass clubs as well. 

Paul Rowley


Born and raised in South Louisiana. I have been hunting for 20 plus years. I harvested my first whitetail at the age of 16 by myself on family owned land. That's when my hunting obsession really began to grow. I primarily hunt whitetails and turkeys in Louisiana and Mississippi. Hunting never ends for me, I am always planning for the next season. 

Alex McCorcle



My name is Alex McCorcle. I am 36 years old and currently live in Auburn, AL. I’m a very big into the outdoors. I like hunting, fishing, kayaking, and hiking. I like all types of hunting, but really enjoy duck hunting.

Raymond Funk


 Hey, my name is Raymond Funk, and I'm  from Illinois. I'm a full blooded deer hunter converted from a sky busting duck hunter, although I occasionally still chase the ducks when I'm not in the stand. I'm 25 years old and I shoot competitive style archery when I'm not chasing the deer. "Can't kill'em if you ain't with'em" and I wish great hunting to everyone of the Covert Ops! 

Tony Gale


  I'm Tony Gale from Stephentown, NY. I am 49 years old and I've been hunting since I was 5 years old. I started shooting guns at 4, and a bow at 8. I have 4 kids, my youngest is 13, who is a fanatic of hunting and fishing, and I basically concentrate on getting him a deer every year. I work as a logger so the outdoors is my life. Whitetail deer with the bow is the best, but I will hunt them with anything.   

Dan Alfman


I'm Dan Alfman, and I'm from Ohio. I have two girls, Scarlett and Darla. We all love deer hunting, squirrel hunting, and rabbit hunting, but my favorite type of hunting is for deer. I would love to go big game hunting to shoot a bear, moose, or elk. I love fishing as well and just being outdoors. 

Travis Carlson


 My name is Travis Carlson, and I currently reside in Central PA. I'm an avid outdoorsman, and family man. I enjoy hunting deer, turkey, and predators as well as just enjoying what nature has to offer. 

Ed Thigpen


 I'm Ed Thigpen from Ohio, and I'm 40 years old. I have 4 kids, 2 sons, and 2 daughters. I love hunting whitetail deer, but I will hunt anything when given the opportunity. I also love hunting with people, I enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with it. I love teaching youth to hunt and fish, it's a passion of mine. I have a Facebook group called Edward Lee Outdoors. Have a look!

Daniel Thomas


 My name is Daniel Thomas, I'm from North Carolina and I'm 26 years old. I'm married with 2 kids, Eli & Grayson. My favorite animal to hunt would be the whitetail deer. I run the outdoors group on Facebook called, "Life In The Outdoors"  I've been serving God now for about 3 years, and God is the head of everything I do. I love hunting for the excitement, the meat, and the outdoors experience. My goal is to become the best hunter I can be and pass my knowledge down to my kids. 

Tracy Garfield


 My name is Tracy Lynn Garfield, I am 43 years old, Canadian born and raised. Proud mother of two and married to my best friend Rob, and I now reside in Indiana, USA. The outdoors has always been in my blood, was constantly outdoors or running around in the woods. Getting my hands dirty, building forts as a kid and wanting to learn everything about the outdoors, whether it was plants or animals. I loved snaring rabbits and fishing with my dad and or hunting with my childhood best friend and his dad. I was always gone, playing in the woods or just outside. I was out of the hunting scene for many many years as an adult, life happened. But In 2010 I had started to get back into hunting and remembered why I loved it so much as a kid. I never lost the passion, I just had to get it back to my old self and since then I haven’t quit or given up, it’s what makes me who I am, because of it I am stronger, keeps me happier and proud of the person I am. I believe in conservation and the respect of nature as a whole. 

Bandy Ford



I am a 35 year old, a father to one son, and I'm from Ring Town Pennsylvania, but formally from Nashville Tennessee. I'm a fireman by trade and I'm also a taxidermist. My taxidermy business is called, All 4 Fords Taxidermy. I love to hunt Whitetail deer with a bow. I also just love the peace and quiet time out in the woods with my family.

Tricia Renee


 I grew up in the woods of Michigan. I started hunting at age five with my father. We raised coonhounds for many years. I am an avid turkey and deer hunter, but I also chase coyotes and anything else that I can. My dream hunt would be a black wolf or a New Zealand red stag. I have three daughters, two of which also enjoy being in the outdoors. I prefer archery hunting because of the challenge, but I don't mind using my favorite firearm, a Remington 7 Mag, to fill my freezer. Turkey hunting is my passion. I am a photography by trade with a focus on wildlife and hunting themed images. I do promoting and marketing for two outdoor based groups and love every second of it. You can find me on Instagram at: if you'd like to follow my adventures! Happy hunting! 

Jennifer Wheelwright Wilcox


 My name is Jennifer and I live in Utah. My favorite thing is being in the outdoors whether it’s camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, riding my 4 wheeler, snowmobile, motorcycle or just spending time with my 2 dogs. My favorite is when the hunting season rolls around and it’s time to go hunt some deer and elk. I’ve been married for 13 years to my best friend and hunting buddy, and have 1 daughter.  

Aaron Edwards


 My name is Aaron Edwards, and I am from Ohio. I love hunting, fishing, trapping ,frog gigging, and pretty much anything and everything outdoors. I am always up to trying new things and always open to learning new things as well. I also like to share what I have learned with people along the way. I would have to say my main passion is hunting whitetail and turkey. 

Brian Province


I'm Brian Province, I'm 42 years old, and I'm from Cove, Oregon. My most favorite types of animals to hunt include elk, deer, turkey, and i also enjoy duck hunting. I am the owner and founder of  Province Outfitters.  Give my website a look for some great outdoor essentials 

Jeff Schofield


Hey I'm Jeff Schofield, I'm a father of two daughters and I'm from Ardmore, Oklahoma. I love bow hunting for whitetail deer, elk, and moose. I am a Master Guide and have been voted amongst the top 100 outfitters in the country. I am the owner of Lock and Loaded Outdoors. I also own Outlaw Antlers Deer Protein and Vitamins. Follow me on my Instagram at:

Jesi Ballance


 Hi, my name is Jesi Ballance, I am 29 years old and live in Arkansas. I am married to Lee Ballance, who is also a member of our team. We have one son who is 5 years old. I started hunting when I met my husband 11 years ago. I was always interested and he took me in the woods. I shot my first whitetail with a compound bow and I’ve been hooked ever since. We love the outdoors and can’t wait to take our son with us. My favorite is whitetail hunting with a bow, I love the challenge. I hope to soon go on a elk hunt. That is a big dream of mine to kill an elk in the mountains. 

Lee Ballance


 My name is Lee Ballance. I’m married to Jesi Ballance, and we have a little boy that’s 5 years old. I love bow hunting. I killed my first deer with a bow at 8 years old. I love to hunt deer, and turkeys but I made my first trip to Montana last year for mule deer, and I’m now addicted to the mountains. I’m excited to be headed to Colorado for the first time this season for elk. 

Andrea Fought


  Hi, I'm Andrea Fought, I’m 38 with 3 daughters, 3 grandkids and one on the way. I live in Arkansas, and I just love being outdoors. I don’t really have a favorite hunting type. Love to fish, squirrel hunt, deer and turkey hunt as well. I would like to try frog gigging some day. 

Jesse Weldon


 My name is Jesse Weldon, and I'm from Cartersville, Georgia. Been hunting all my life. I started at the age of 5 with my Granddad. It was his dream for hunting to be my passion and when he passed away I kept it on in remembrance of him. I killed my first buck when I was 12 years old with his Browning 30.06. Since then I've had 2 kids, and now I’m getting to teach the same love and passion to them. I’m a avid deer hunter, but I love water fowl, and turkey hunting as well. I’m 21 years old, and plan to do this till the good Lord takes me home. 

Ryan Bohannon


 My name is Ryan Bohannon, and I am from Cartersville Georgia. I got into hunting through my best friend about 4 years ago. He took me duck hunting where I got my first hen mallard. After that I was hooked, and I wanted to hunt everything. Two years ago I got my first turkey and just this past season I got my first deer. I have a beautiful fiancé and a beautiful little girl. One day I hope to share my passion with my little girl and I hope she will pass it on too. I have my own hunting company called US Fowl CO. Have yourself a look!

Tracy Long-Retherford


Hi! I'm Tracy from Hershey Pennsylvania. My husband and I farm together and have been married for thirty years now. We have a son together that is twenty-seven years old. I am the owner of Feel the Rut Outdoors and i also staff for many other companies such as BAM Outdoors, IWOM Outerwear, Whitetail Grounds, and a team member at TACTACAM. Not only do I staff for Whitetail Grounds but I'm a dealer for them as well. I love being outdoors, whether it be hunting or bass fishing.

James Helminiak


 Hi my name is James Helminiak, I live in Albany Louisiana and love anything outdoors. I'm 30 years old and been hunting and trapping since I could walk. I'm married to the love of my life and we have a beautiful little girl, who is becoming an awesome little hunter herself. Our favorite animal to hunt is deer, squirrel, hogs and turkeys. My dream hunt would be a New Zealand red stage hunt. I have a hunting page on Facebook called Country Mile OutDoors. Have a look!

LaMont Register


 My name is LaMont Register from BoyDog Outfitters Inc We are the makers of divineswine hogattractant and deerlicious deer attractant. We are a Christian based company and we believe in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have 3 kids and have been married to my best friend for 19 years. I have hunted for 25 years and I love to hunt deer but I really enjoy hog hunting as well. My dream hunt is to kill an Alaskan moose. 

Dianna White


Hi, my name is Dianna White. I'm 51 years old and a retired Ohio State Trooper. I am a tournament angler and part of the "Girls Kicken Bass" fishing team along with another female trooper. I've shot many deer injured by cars throughout my career but this year I've decided to get one on my own, that i can keep. We foolow both anglers and hunters on Twitter @girlskickenbass, so check it out! 

Cecil Roche


My name is Cecil Roche. I'm from Vernon FL. and I am 29 years old and I'm married with 5 children. I have been raised up hunting and fishing from a young boy and love being in Gods creation enjoying what he has blessed us with. I love hunting whitetail deer and wild hogs. As long as it keeps me in the woods passing down my passion for the Lord and the woods to my children, I'll hunt it. I have a Facebook page called Full Quiver Outdoors. Take a look!

Jacob Nesbit


My name is Jacob Nesbit, I am 27 years old and from Panama City Florida. I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl and I've been married for 7 years. I love all aspects of the outdoors, especially sticking hogs. That's my favorite animal to bow hunt.

Chris Penchoff


My name is Chris Penchoff and I have lived in Wisconsin since the age of 4 years old. When I was a young kid I picked up a BB gun and have been addicted to hunting ever since. My Dad taught me almost everything I know now about hunting. At the age of 12, I was finally able to hunt the infamous white tail deer and I haven't stopped since. One of my main goals is to raise my two daughters, Sydney and Jaycee, with the same respect and admiration of the outdoors and a love for wildlife like my father taught me. Bow hunting is my preferred method of hunting. I believe a real kill comes from 30 yards or less. My idea of a successful hunt is when an animal is within 30 yards of you and doesn't even know you're there. I like to say " you've won the game before you even let the arrow fly." I truly believe that quality deer management is an essential tool for all hunters to maintain the outdoor world that we all love and enjoy. If you want to find me during deer season, your best bet is to start looking in the woods first. Odds are you will find me there either hunting or scouting.

Jesse Nesbit


 My names Jesse Nesbit, I'm 29 years old and I'm from Northwest Florida. I have a beautiful fiance and four daughters. I'm a white tail racked buck addict!! The outdoors are more than just a hobby for me, I was raised up hunting and fishing so its more of a way of life. I feel more at home in gods country than I do anywhere else. 

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